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Apple to Increase Production in US


Sarah Williams

Many American consumers are concerned that so many products are being made overseas. Manufacturing products overseas means lower production costs for companies, but it also means fewer jobs for those here. Others are concerned that products made overseas do not meet our safety standards. So many people are upset about these problems that they are starting to buy products only made and/or assembled in the United States. This controversy has caught the attention of big companies and many are responding to consumer wishes.

Apple, one of the top companies in the U.S., has assembly lines in China. Some customers are upset by this, but the leaders at Apple defended themselves by saying that some of their tech components, such as the iPhone engine and glass, are already made in the U.S. It is just other small components and the assembly that has been done in other countries. However, the company has had several problems recently with safety and poor working conditions. Because of their poor treatment of the overseas workers and the demand for more American jobs, Apple has decided to shift some of its manufacturing back to the States. CEO Tim Cook said that they would have moved production here earlier if there had not been a skills shortage.

While they won’t produce all of their products here, they are going to manufacture one of their Mac lines exclusively in the U.S.. This means that each component used to build the Mac as well as product assembly will be done on home soil. Determined to make this work, they are investing over $100 million dollars in American manufacturing. One expert notes that Apple has been indirectly responsible for the creation of 600,000 U.S. jobs through research and development, retail, and app development. This shift to American manufacturing will just add to these numbers.

Their top priority, according to CEO Tim Cook, is, and always will be, customer satisfaction.