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RC’s 24-Hour Study Room


Emily Poertner

It’s the last week before finals and there are projects, papers, and orals all due. Sadly, the library closes at midnight. Now I’m a good student, but I never finish in the library by midnight so I either have to pack everything up and move back to my dorm, which has limited studying areas, or pack everything up and move to the library’s 24 hour study room, which has even less space.

There are six computers and one table, but for some reason everyone left in the library is expected to cram into this little room. The lucky few who claimed their space in the 24 hour study room are set, but the rest of us have to find somewhere else to work on our assignments after midnight.

Out of common courtesy the dorm room is almost immediately ruled out. The only thing worse than having to spend all night finishing a paper, is having a grumpy, half-asleep roommate throw things at your desk lamp. Plus, dorm rooms are just distracting; there are too many cool things to play with. The individual study rooms in the library make it easier to focus by cutting down on the distractions.

Another problem with trying to study in dorms is even after quiet hours in dorms it can still be loud and hard to get anything done. But dorm halls are really the only options available that late at night when the library is closed.

Even if you are one of the lucky few crammed into the 24 hour study room you have to try your hardest not to make a sound. Everyone is so close together that even the smallest adjustments can make an annoying amount of noise. Being in that room also rules out group studying since you’d hate to disturb the other people from their work.

I know it would be impossible for Fintel to stay open 24/7 every week, but the week before finals is just as, if not more, hectic than exam week itself. So many classes have papers or group projects due this week that it would have been nice to have the entire library open to use after midnight.

There seems to be too much work to do for too many classes. While our teachers, and parents, might hope we can budget our time to get everything done by a decent hour, that rarely happens. The big projects more often than not get put off until the very last minute and that very last minute tends to be in the late hours of the night.

Being able to run to the history section to add one more source to your paper at two in the morning would be invaluable. Plus it gives groups of people the ability to go over an oral presentation, or put the finishing touches on a powerpoint without being disruptive to other late night library goers.

While it would be nice if Fintel never closed ever, most weeks the 24 hour study room suffices. This week it did not.  I personally think, and I dare say many other procrastinators would agree with me, the week before finals should also be a week where the library does not close.