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Activities Fair

Matthew Othus

On Tuesday the 24th, the activities fair was held in the Colket Center to showcase the numerous opportunities for clubs on campus. Over 60 booths were set up across all 3 tiers of the Colket Center in an effort to put the panels right into student’s faces.

This year the layout of spreading it across all 3 tiers was slightly different than previous spring semesters. In the past, it had been held in the Wortmann Ballroom allowing for panels to face each other, but left the space very cramped and didn’t draw very many students.

With this new setup, it ended up putting several rings of tables on the main floor of Colket, a line of tables around the mezzanine on the top floor, and two enclosed circles on the ground floor with some tables lining the walls.

Another change to the fair was the introduction of several entertainers who wandered around all 3 tiers to entertain students. An artist who did caricatures was stationed on the 2nd Floor mezzanine while a balloon artist and a juggler wandered around all 3 tiers. You could say it put the “activities” in activities fair.

The overall new setup was semi-confusing and cramped in some places. It also favored certain clubs more than others, just due to sheer placement.

Several “Just for Fun” clubs and the Greek Life booths were placed in the main atrium by the info desk and the Sutton Commons. The others were placed in the less desirable locations.

In theory, it was a really nice setup, service on the bottom floor, academic and overflow on the main floor, and just for fun on the mezzanine.

Also, interesting labels were given to clubs, they were: academic, service and just for fun. These labels, which determined the placement of the booths, seemed to be questionable. Victoria Zelvin, ’13, said “The line between academic clubs and ‘just for fun’ clubs seemed a bit shaky to me.”

I do think that this setup was much better in theory. I liked the idea of getting into student’s faces. Many people just didn’t know when and where the fair was in past spring semesters. I do however think that adding the entertainers were a bit distracting because they really didn’t relate to any club on campus directly, and they made an already overcrowded space more cramped.

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