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No Speaker yet for Commencement 2013
Sarah Whitten

January 24th marks the 100 day count down for this year’s Roanoke College Graduation ceremonies and there has yet to be an announcement about this year’s commencement speaker. Suggestions have been solicited from the senior class senators, but nothing is definite at this time.

The Baccalaureate will take place on Friday, May 3 prior to the commencement ceremony on Saturday morning. This celebratory event is an important piece of the Roanoke College graduation custom. It is an occasion for thanksgivings as seniors complete their education programs. All graduates and their guests are encouraged to attend.

The Commencement Ceremony itself will take place on May 4 and comes with its own particular traditions. The College Mace dates back to the Middle Ages when it was used as a weapon in battle. However, it is used today as a symbol of academic authority at formal convocations and commencement ceremonies. The Roanoke College Mace was presented to the College back in 1996 by the four daughters of Hartselle Deburney Kinsey, class of ’21. The Mace is dedicated to Mr. Kinsey, who was a devoted Roanoke College student, teacher, advocate, and trustee. This particular mace was designed by Susannah Wagner, a British-trained goldsmith and jeweler in Ashland, VA. The mace features a sterling silver headpiece, adorned with garnets and engraved symbols representing subjects cherished by Mr. Kinsey. It has an American walnut baluster (wooden stem), a medallion engraved with a replica of the Roanoke College seal on one side, and the emblem of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in American on the other. A maroon hand-blown glass globe resides within the sterling silver cage of the head piece. The Mace is an integral piece within the College Commencement Ceremony.

A newer tradition stems from our mascot Rooney. One of the biggest secrets on campus is who wears the feathers? The identities of our student mascot personalities are kept under wraps. Until graduation, that is. Come graduation day, keep an eye out for a pair of enormous Rooney feet sticking out from beneath a set of black commencement robes. You will be looking at our very own Rooney!

For more information about Roanoke College Commencement: http://roanoke.edu/A-Z_Index/Commencement.htm

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