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CUPS Coffee & Tea Comes to Campus

by Meagan Cole

Fintel Library is one of the busiest locations on campus, especially during finals, and everyone knows that finals mean Fintel provides coffee. Now, students and staff don’t have to wait until the end of the year for extra caffeinated sustenance. CUPS Coffee & Tea opened in the first floor lobby on the first day of spring semester classes and has already received remarkable praise.

The new cafe provides its own seating area, complete with round tables, a bar, and maroon rose centerpieces right beside the checkout counter, where a multitude of beverages can be ordered. CUPS serves a variety of coffees, teas, espressos, lattes, mocha, chai lattes, and espresso and chai frappes.

They also serve several flavors of tea, both hot and cold with some decaf. There is assam, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, China Green, jasmine green, chamomile, forever fruit, honey-bush, Indian spice, peppermint, and yerba mate. Their selection of espresso flavors is even more impressive: almond, blueberry, caramel, cherry, chocolate, coconut, hazelnut, Irish cream, orange, peach, peppermint, raspberry, strawberry, toffee, and vanilla.

For those who don’t care for these, they also offer hot chocolate, Italian sodas, and four flavors of smoothies: mango, wildberry, strawberry, and strawberry-banana. There are even drinks specific to Roanoke College like a dark Rooney Roast and a Maroon Mocha infused with raspberries. Not interested in a drink? CUPS also has snacks such as pastries and cookies, including massive Snicker Doodles.

CUPS is not just any coffee shop; it offers its own innuendos perfectly tailored to a humorous college environment. For example, the cup sizes are named after literal cup sizes, also known as bra sizes. An A Cup is 12 ounces, a B Cup, 16, and so on. They even have a special Double D cup for those days when one coffee just isn’t enough to get your “homework” on. And, the jokes don’t stop there; special beverages like the Snowjob, a chocolate, caramel, and cream mix, and the Dirty Fluffer, a chai cappuccino, continue the fun.

So, if you haven’t been one of the many frequent visitors to try the Roanoke College’s latest sensation, grab a textbook, notebook, and laptop and come get your caffeine fix over at Fintel! It’s a great place to meet for small classes! CUPS is open from 8 AM-10 PM Monday thru Thursday, 8 AM-12 or 1 PM on Friday, and 12-5 PM on Sunday. Prices vary according to beverage and size.