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Hanstedt Receives Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award


Hanstedt Receives Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award

Victoria Zelvin

In February, Dr. Paul Hanstedt will join eleven other Virginian faculty members from colleges and universities from across the state in being honored with the Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award. Hanstedt will be the fourth Roanoke College professor to receive this award, joining the ranks of Dr. Gregory Weiss (2004, Sociology), Dr. Roland Minton (2005, Mathematics) and Dr. Melanie Almeder (2011, English). Dr. Hanstedt is a professor in the English department, where he also dabbles in teaching creative writing and communications.

“There’s so much emphasis these days on education as certification–it doesn’t matter what you learn, just as long as you get that degree,” Hanstedt told the college. “I disagree with this–I want students to push themselves, to learn about the subject, but also to learn about who they are, about what they value, about what drives them. Every day I’m in the class room I’m reminded that working with them as they make that discovery is an honor.”

This is not the first award that Dr. Hanstedt has been honored with. In 2006, Dr. Hanstedt received the Roanoke College Innovation Award for his work revising Roanoke’s general education program, specifically for his collaboration within this general education reform. Dr. Hanstedt, who has been teaching at Roanoke since 1996, has also earned the Dean’s Council Exemplary Teaching Award in 2000 and the SGA Faculty Leadership Award in 1999. Hanstedt is also a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

In 2009, Hanstedt spent a year in Hong Kong as a Fulbright Scholar. During his time abroad, in addition to helping universities in Asia transform from the British model (three-year) to an American model (four-year), Dr. Hanstedt kept a travel blog which became the basis of his recently published book. Hong Konged: One Modern American Family’s (Mis)adventures in the Gateway to China (published by Adams Media) details the experiences of his family during that one year abroad with dry wit and loving anecdotes. Within his novel, Hanstedt gives a no holds barred account of the ups and downs of being American and living abroad with three small, blonde children.

Hanstedt’s other writing credits include a great many publications on the merits of liberal education as well as a variety other of scholarly journals. His work in Brain, Child was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in Nonfiction Child in March 2011 for the non-fiction piece “Grief in the Village.” Currently he is the Chief Editor of the Roanoke Review.

There will be a ceremony and luncheon in Richmond on Feb. 12, during which the honorees will be presented and introduced on the floor of the Virginia General Assembly.

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