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Emily Sierra Poertner

Boring As Sh!t SGA Meeting

On Tuesday, the SGA met for the first (possibly second) time this semester. The first major order of business was voting on and inducting new senate members. There were eleven candidates to represent commuters, various majors, and different sections of housing on campus. Each candidate spoke for a few minutes on why they wanted the position. The candidates left the room and the current SGA members voted unanimously to elect all of the candidates into SGA and the new members took their oath into office.

During the meeting, a group of students proposed a new organization, the Association of Aspiring Professionals in Communication (AAPS). The students gave a brief powerpoint presentation on their goals for the organization. If approved, they hope to aid students with finding jobs in the field of communication by bringing people to campus who already work in the field. After they finished, a member of the SGA who had met with the group earlier gave his recommendation of tabling the new organization until a later date. The SGA voted, seventeen approved the club, three opposed it, and two members voted to table it. AAPS was thus approved to be a student organization.

The members of SGA were then told to sign up on OrgSync for the committee that they wanted to be a part of. As the meeting was coming to a close, they discussed the goals of the committees for the next year. Major ideas were about having designated smoking areas, continuing to better the parking arrangement around campus, and extending Fintel Library’s hours.

One very vocal member complained about the SGA organization itself. He complained that all SGA seemed to do was approve or oppose the addition of new clubs, feeling that the whole organization was pointless because they approved them all anyways. To which the faculty advisor, Dean Gene, commented, “He has a point.”

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