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NSSE is Coming!

Starting February 12th, seniors and first year students will have the opportunity to give feedback to Roanoke College on various aspects of the college experience.  The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) measures student involvement in academic, co-curricular, and social activities that form the college experience.

NSSE has been given at the college since 2000.  Results from this survey are used to plan changes and improvements at the college.  For example, the current general education curriculum, the Intellectual Inquiry curriculum, was designed during faculty discussions that were prompted by our early NSSE results.  Recent results have shown significant improvements in a number of categories directly related to that curricular change.  The college continues to look closely at each set of NSSE results.

This year, an incentive will be offered for participating.  Students who complete the survey will be entered into five weekly drawings.  Each week, a $100 gift card will be awarded!

Most seniors and first year students will receive invitations to complete the survey.  Check your college e-mail for that invitation, starting February 12th.  The survey runs until late March.

Direct any questions to Dr. Jack Steehler, Director of Institutional Research.  jsteehler@roanoke.edu

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