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The Superbowl


Nathaniel Rioux

Each year football fans come together in the annual festivity known as the Super Bowl. Each year, fans watch their teams duke out in the playoffs until there is only one victor left standing. This year it was the Baltimore Ravens.  In what looked like a complete one-sided game for most of the first half for the Ravens, the Super Bowl came to a decision with a riveting second half and a final score of 34-31 over the San Francisco 49ers.

Overall, the game was one of the more interesting games I have seen in a while. At first, I thought the 49ers were not going to put up a fight at all. The first half of the game made me question just how the 49ers even made it to the playoffs to begin with. Just when all hope had just about run away, the lights went out on the 49ers, literally. At the beginning of the third quarter, after an electric kickoff return TD for the Ravens, the power to the superdome shut off.  Officials are still working to discover the source of the problem for the power outage.

After that stall, all the lights shined down upon the 49ers who turned the tide of the game up until the final seconds of the game where they ended up failing to convert on a 4th down in the red zone. This allowed the Ravens to take the victory.

While a lot of students were watching the game in the comfort of their homes, The Cavern was the place to be to watch the game for a lot of the students. This year, as well as many years, Intervarsity held its Super Bowl event to bring the college campus closer together. Along with the festivities of the Super Bowl, there was also free food and two lucky students won a Kindle Fire in a raffle.

Even though the rivalry was bitter, most students were thrilled that this event was put on.  While mostly everybody dawned on their Ravens, 49ers, Packers, and yes, even a Patriots Jersey, the atmosphere was that of delight and over all community.

Now it wouldn’t be the Super Bowl without the half time show, and judging from the response of the students watching the very talented Beyoncé it was much appreciated. While the show was more visually entertaining than last’s year’s half time show, most were commenting on the reunion of Destiny’s Child. Judging by the audience at the event, they were overjoyed over the reunion.

Overall, I thought both the game and the Intervarsity event were really fun to be at. It was probably the most memorable event I’ve been to on campus in a while. Only thing I would change would be having my team play, which I will keep hidden for various reasons.

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