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Emily Sierra Poertner

After eighteen seasons Top Gear (UK), which holds the record for “Most Watched Factual TV Program”, is back for another season. The first episode of season nineteen aired on January 27th with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May, the same hosts that have been with the show since the beginning of the new series.

Top Gear has made a name for itself with the offensive humor of the three very politically incorrect hosts. While they supposedly review cars, they more often try to one-up the companies and end up insulting the cars. In the first episode this season lived up to previous seasons.

In the first episode Richard Hammond reviewed the new Pangani Huayra. When it took a lap around their track it set the record as the fastest car that had ever been around their track.

Clarkson kicked off the new season by designing the world’s smallest car. He named it the P45 because he managed to make it smaller than the Peel P50, the former smallest car.

They showed a montage of the new season. Expect traveling to America and Egypt. They also tear apart and remodel cars, and there will be new challenges.  This season is looking to be just as good as all of the rest. The three iconic hosts are as offensive and rude as always which make the show worth watching.