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Dear Sue


Dear Sue:

So in the aftermath of Valentine’s Day I noticed that all of my friends are either dating or cynical about dating. While I don’t care that I am single, I always notice myself becoming the third wheel.  What should I do about this or is this just normal?


Third Wheel

Dear Third Wheel,

First off, this is perfectly normal. Naturally, in a group of friends, people are going to couple up and start to spend more time with their partner. When this happens, friendships often take a back seat to relationships. If you find that you are losing friendships because of this, then say something. Honesty is always the best course of action. Suggest some time that you can hang out with your friends one-on-one or plan something for the group as a whole. Movie nights, casual dinner parties, videogame tournaments, or even a hike up the Appalachian Trail are great activities to try.

Just remember that sometimes your friends are going to want to spend time with their significant others and that they deserve to have that time.


Sue Z. Maroon

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