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Club Spotlight


Club Spotlight

Emily Sierra Poertner

Dr. Bucher is a new teacher as of fall of 2012, and is an expert in South American studies. He is an assistant professor in African history having spent time at the University of the Western Cape in South Africa. He started the African Music Club several weeks ago inviting his students, and all who were interested, to come and listen to music while enjoying snacks. Students sit around catching up and commenting on the music.

One student, Will Culbertson, says “It’s really relaxing. You can walk in, eat some pizza, and just take a load off”. Dr. Bucher is very friendly and tries to get to know all of the students that come to the club even those he doesn’t know. Matt Othus, who hasn’t had Dr. Bucher said, “he was really nice and came up to talk to me. He made sure to talk to all the people who showed up making them feel welcome and part of the club”.

The music differs in style and instruments used then the music Americans are accustomed to. There are many different artists with various styles that the group listens to. Sometime the club discusses the instruments in the videos one of the instruments the club talked about was a Kora, a harp lute with a gourd base. New playlist is created every week from YouTube to be listened to.

If you’re interested in coming out and listening to the music upcoming club meetings are on February 26th and then after spring break on March 12th.The club meets at 7pm in room 128 of the Bank building.