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This past Tuesday at 7 pm, Dr. Dolores Flores-Silva gave her lecture for Roanoke’s Last Lecture series.

Dr. Dolores Flores-Silva teaches Spanish and INQ courses here at Roanoke College. She also speaks a variety of different languages ranging from French to Arabic. Outside of class, she has published plays, as well as acting in them. Dr. Flores-Silva has been here since 2001 during her time here she has created a concentration in Latin American studies, HOLA (Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Development), as well as a radio program.

Dr. Dolores Flores-Silva is originally from Veracruz, Mexico. After graduating from the University of Veracruz, she went on to continue her education in Ohio then received her PhD at the University of Kentucky. During her lecture, she described a city called Mendoza. On one side of the city there are mountains and on the other side there is the beach. There is a volcano that towers over the city. She described her backyard in Veracruz as filled with all types of vegetation from pomegranates to mangos.

During her last lecture, Dr. Flores- Silva emphasized the meaning of the horizon. She wanted to emphasize how life is like the horizon, because it is vast and filled with beauty. Her five philosophies of life are simplicity, compassion, patience, awareness and appreciation. She reminded the audience that we should share our knowledge with others, appreciate what we have, and always remember to enjoy life.

She also spoke about art and nature. She described a painter named Ocampo. She showed pictures of his work. His paintings were beautiful and showed pictures of birds and flowers. She also described a museum called Museo de Arte Tigre.

Not only did I enjoy this event, but also I enjoy having Dr. Flores-Silva as a professor because she always makes learning Spanish an enjoyable and memorable experience. She reminds me to figure out what I love in life and pursue that. So thank you Dr. Folores-Silva for always making me smile during class and reminding me how to truly appreciate life.

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