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International Festival

Sarah Williams

This Thursday afternoon, February 21,  in the Wortman Ballroom, the International Education office hosted the International Festival. At this year’s annual event there were tables set up for dozens of countries all over the world. Just some of the nations represented were China, Japan, Russia, Finland, England, Ukraine, France, Spain, India, Peru, and Italy.

At each table there was at least one person who was either from the country, or had studied there. Many of the table hosts were the international students, so it was a great opportunity to talk to people from all over the world. Each of the tables were also decorated, some more so than others. The India table had an assortment of cloths, the Ukraine table had stacking dolls, and the UK table handed out cucumber sandwiches to all who stopped by. Walking in, the entire room looked much more festive with a wide array of colors, flags, costumes, and pictures.

In addition to snacks provided by various tables, the International Office also provided live music. The music was entertaining, and people were enjoying the music, but it was a bit loud, making it difficult to carry on a conversation. However, all of the students and faculty who stopped by really seemed to enjoy the event.  One student said she had been attending or helping out with the event every year since she arrived at Roanoke College.

“It is always fun, but I wish that they would give the public more details about the countries that are going to be there,” said Emily Waskiewicz ’13.

A lot of the students who attended the event asked about traveling abroad. Many students from Roanoke, approximately 200 a year, have participated in the college’s sponsored international study programs. These include the Intensive Learning terms as well as the traditional study at a foreign university. Roanoke offers opportunities to study in over fifty different countries, so there is something for everyone.

If you have any interest in studying abroad, contact Scott Couchman, the Assistant Director of International Education, at couchman@roanoke.edu .