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PlayStation 4 Unveiled:

This Wednesday the 21st of February, Sony finally unveiled its new gamming platform: the PlayStation 4. The PlayStation 4, widely regarded by the gaming community to be Sony’s “worst-kept” secret, has been met with a variety of reactions after this first official unveiling.

Some positives of the Sony PlayStation 4 are the overall graphics , comparative to the top of the line PC hardware currently on the market. The controller has be re-developed but still holds the basic original design of the previous model’s controller. The main redevelopment of the new controller that it now has a built in touch screen for new way of gameplay.

Some of the critiques for the new platform are the integration of the PlayStation Move.  Some have claimed that, unless they can do a major overhaul from the PlayStation 3’s version of Move, this integrated system most likely will not work. Another criticism concerns the single-core processor.  Most computers today have a dual-core processor and it seems as if Sony cannot keep up with even common computer trends. There is also heavy thought on social media integration, which most critics suggest is a waste of time.

Some reviewers were more vocal about this social integration feature. Jason Evangelho, a tech contributor for Forbes tweeted this: “This system is very aware of the player and whatever is going on in the room at any given point. I DO NOT want this, do you?”

Dennis Fong, CEO of gaming-oriented social site Raptr told CCN that this is the future of the gamming community and the right direction for Sony. “The ability to capture an image, video, or instantly broadcast what’s on your screen to your friends is transformational for the new generation of consoles,” Fong said. “Providing players community tools to create content for your game in the form of videos and live broadcasts is not simply a cool feature for gamers but also great for business. User-generated content keeps players engaged with the game even while they aren’t playing it and also attracts new users from the buzz generated around this content.”

Fans will have to wait a little longer for retail price and official date of release for the PlayStation 4, but most are suggesting that this will come out this holiday season.

(Source: CNN Tech)