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Housing Selection


Housing Selection

By now most students have already gone through the housing selection process, but for freshmen this process can be a bit daunting. The idea of having to select where you want to live next year may come as a scary process for most students and while this process may seem complicated, here are some suggestions to lessen the stress of your housing selection process.

Have a backup plan: Always have backup places you want to live in case the room you want to live in gets selected. For freshmen, it is very common not to get your first choice of housing so don’t feel discouraged. Have a second choice that you feel comfortable with.

Singles verses doubles: Singles are always the harder to get the farther in the selection process you get; freshman and sophomores expect to get a double so find a friend that you want to room with. Along with this, check the size of the room. Even singles can be small; for example, there is a room in wells on the third floor that is the size of a closet. Check the size of the room before selecting by going onto the Roanoke College’s website and searching floor plans in the search bars. All of the dorms have floor plans listed on the website where you can view the size of each room.

Ask around: Sometimes the best resource is students. Ask upperclassmen about the various halls that they lived in and ask them what halls they liked or dislike. Each of the halls has their own character to them and each hall is not suited for everyone. For example, in sections, each building is connected to each other, with the exception of fox hall, so social gatherings are more common than say bowman. The downside is that the showers never seem to get warm so have fun taking cold showers. Small quirks such as these are something that is learned with asking fellow students about the various halls.

When in doubt ask res life: If there are any questions throughout the housing process feel free to contact Res life. They are here to help and are open during the entire housing process to accommodate students throughout the housing selection.

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