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Boston Marathon Bombing


April 15th seemed like any other day around the world, but Americans are unfortunately familiar with how drastically that can change in the face of terrorism. This evil lurked in the shadows of Boston’s department stores as thousands of participants of all ages ran the Boston Marathon. The race is annually held on Patriot’s Day and shuts down several streets for the event, including Boylston Street, where the along with an unknown pair of bombs the finish line resided.

A little over four hours into the race, the time at which most cross the finish line, two explosions about five seconds apart went off near the sidewalk, directly across from the public stands. Numerous bystanders were caught in the blast radius, instantly knocking those nearby off their feet, severely injuring, and even dismembering people. Sources claim that the area, covered in blood and glass with windows blown out, looks like a warzone. Over 170 were wounded and at least 3 are confirmed dead.

Now, the city of Boston is taking every security precaution. The subways, also known as the T, were shut down for the day along with a number of businesses and universities. The National Guard is checking bags and patrolling the Commons while the FBI has been called in to investigate. A suspect has already been arrested, but no definite charge has been placed.

Roanoke College has a high percentage of students from New England, and the campus has honored the victims by lowering the flags to half-mast.