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“Dear Sue” by Sue Z. Maroon


Dear Sue,

Being back at school isn’t going quite as well as I’d imagined. The last few weeks of summer I was ready to come back, but now that I’m here it just hasn’t lived up to my expectations. Classes are going great but it seems like everyone is doing something different now and none of my friends quite have time for each other. How do I get things back to normal?

-Bored and disappointed

Dear Bored,

The beginning of the school year is a hard time for everyone, no matter your year. Getting into the swing of classes can be difficult and usually takes more than just a week to get accustomed to. Just because you’ve adjusted quickly doesn’t mean your friends have. Wait until the weekend when they’re less likely to be busy with schoolwork to try and hang out.

If they’re all doing different things this year, maybe you should too. If you’ve suddenly found yourself with an excess of free time then joining a new club or taking on a new project would give you something to do. It also lets you meet people who may be as bored as you are on the weekdays.

The important thing to remember though is that there’s no such thing as normal. You may have gotten used to a particular routine last year but things constantly change. You’ll meet new people, take new classes, eat dinner at five instead of six thirty, and that’s okay. Seeking things to be back to normal is the easiest way to prevent you from doing anything different and interesting.

~Sue Z. Maroon