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Elderberry’s Moves from Main Street to Campus by Meagan Cole


Elderberry’s Moves from Main Street to Campus

Meagan Cole

One of the biggest topics of conversation among Roanoke College students has always been our need for multiple dining locations. Last year, the campus acquired one new addition to the list with Cups in Fintel Library. While Cups is an excellent source for a variety of delicious beverages tailored to a college atmosphere, their food options geared more towards snacks and desserts than actual meals. Elderberry’s makes a perfect compromise between the two.

Elderberry’s was established in 2001 by a family of Virginia Tech graduates. The first location opened in Roanoke and several others began popping up before long. Now, with the constant presence of Roanoke College students in and out of what used to be a hole-in-the-wall shop on Main Street, they decided to make the move in the interest of our business. Elderberry’s happily relocated one block from their original Salem shop to the Bank building across from West Hall.

The menu offers specialty smoothies plus wraps, salads, and soups. There are also numerous additions that can make meals healthier, such as wheat instead of white wraps, or acai, pomegranate, and more ingredients for drinks. In fact, Shannon O’Neill is a sophomore Psychology major with particular food allergies and loves Elderberry’s, because, “I can manipulate the ingredients, so I’m not allergic to something.”

Some of the Roanoke College community’s favorite smoothies include “Morgan’s Strawberry” (Ann Wheelock, ’14), “Popular Peach” (Caitlyn Gaugler, ’16), “Colada” (Sereen Sumner, ’16), “KT’s Peachy Berry” (Rachel Leach, ’14), “Lemon Joy” (Sarah Schwartz, ’14), “Chocolate Peanutter” (Michael Watts, ’15), and “Guava Berry” (alumna Emily Johnson, ’13). Others can’t even come to a decision on just one favorite; Emily Shoup, a junior Biology major, says she likes, “Anything tropical.”

Despite Elderberry’s wide array of choices, the “Maroonberry” is the one that takes our campus spirit by storm. Jesse Stone (’16), alumna Kylee Lambert (’10), alumna Sarah Whitten (’13), and myself all prefer Roanoke College’s signature smoothie; the “Maroonberry” contains cranberry juice, raspberry sherbet, blueberries, and pomegranate.

Elderberry’s fresh décor maintains its original charm with blue walls and purple accents, but the added rooms provide a well-rounded area of seating arrangements. Wooden coffee tables and iron wrought chairs are perfect for an intimate ambience. Two of these chairs are positioned outdoors, on either side of the entrance, for those who want to enjoy the fall breeze. If privacy is needed, there are easily accessible study rooms with comfy couches. Finally, the art deco archways and mirrors continue to remind customers that the store hasn’t changed despite its new location.

Be sure to check out Elderberry’s, now open from 11 AM-7 PM on weekdays and 11 AM-6 PM on Saturday!