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NBC Airs New “Million Second Quiz” by Christy Blevins


NBC airs new “Million Second Quiz”

Christy Blevins

Monday, September 9, NBC aired its new television show Million Second Quiz.  Hosted by Ryan Seacrest, the game show involves a contestant “holding” their position in the money chair by facing all challengers in a popculture-esque quiz. The contestant in the chair must continue answering questions correct in order to stay in the chair and be eligible for the money.

The game will be going on for 24 hours a day. For roughly twelve days, until a million seconds is reached.  At the end of these twelve days, the four players who held their position the longest and have stayed in “winner’s row” will win the money they earned while in the chair. The contestants earn $10 for every second they stay in the chair and can use a “doubler” during the trivia questions to gain double points if the challenger answers incorrectly.  Following, the four winners will compete and the show will hold a battle to the finish in which those four compete to win an additional $2 million.

NBC has breathed life back into reality game shows with Million Second Quiz.  It will air for one hour every night, except for Sunday, until September 19. Only the one hour portion for TV will be aired live; however, the live interactive trivia is non-stop for the “1 million seconds.”  The questions in the show prove a “Who wants to be a millionaire” type fashion. They aren’t extremely hard; however, they do contain multiple current event questions that can be difficult.

The game show is filmed within a three story steel structure designed to look like an hour glass, in which the player will sit and compete against a challenger in all types of trivia, but mainly pop-culture. The structure is laced with more than 1.6 million watts of multicolored lights and jumps into the iconic New York skyline.

This is a new type of game show, and is expected to gain a large audience for NBC. The premiere featured a contestant, Brandon, who, despite a few missed questions, held onto the chair for the entire show.  He competed with one other person from Winner’s Row and showed an intense battle to the end. The last points were awarded to Brandon and he continues to hold the chair.

With this new, however short, game show, NBC may have a hit on their hands. If the trivia doesn’t bring in viewers, the technological feats and structure of the “stage” will.