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Brynn Marie Rocks Despite Small Turnout by Meagan Cole


Brynn Marie Rocks Despite Small Turnout 

Meagan Cole

Singer/songwriter, Brynn Marie, was the latest up-and-coming celebrity to perform at Roanoke College on September 25th. With a talented range, she and her band blew the audience away in the most enthusiastic manner. Her style was a mix of country and rock, and the intoxicating energy in her music made everyone present want to dance, clap, and cheer along. Additionally, Kirk Thurman and Deleasa opened for her with an edge. However, the overall turnout was rather lackluster.

The Fall Concert generated a lot of hype on campus in the days leading up to the event. From posters in bathroom stalls to flyers in the Commons’ table tents, the CAB marketing team left no area of advertising unexplored. Students even tweeted Brynn Marie as the concert approached. Tech Crew pushed the limits even further with the most brilliant lighting effects and smokescreens. Nevertheless, attendance was extremely low; no more than fifty people appeared to be present at any one time, even with free entry available for the student body. Some may say that the presence of so few people reflects that the concert did not meet expectations and should be considered a flop, but anyone who did go knows better.

“I got a phone call that said, ‘Hey, Roanoke’s interested in having you.’ And, I was like, ‘Let’s go.'” Nothing more needs to be said about how genuine Brynn Marie and her band were. She said, “The opportunity came up, and I definitely wanted to come here.”

Although she is used to a much larger presence from opening for sold out names like Pat Benatar and Cheap Trick, she didn’t let the numbers faze her. She simply wanted to share her music, her story, and her love with our campus.

“I want [the students] to walk away knowing it’s okay, 100%, perfect, just to be yourself.” Brynn Marie’s passionate message soared into the hearts and minds of her audience, “I stay true to who I am as an artist, even as a person. So, when you’re in college, you’re at that point in your life now where you make all of the big decisions on where you want to go in life, what career you want to take. So, just take a chance to follow your dreams. Don’t take a safe path. Just go for whatever your heart desires, and that you can do it. Dream big and anything is possible if you believe that.”

Her down-to-earth attitude told her to run with it, and she gave it her all for the students. The concert was about inspiring as many people as she could through her music, and she managed to do just that. In the end, the downside remains that scheduling conflicts with Bids Day and the Kandinsky Trio likely took away from the student body, but that didn’t stop Brynn Marie from gaining approximately fifty new fans.

If you didn’t get a chance to see her concert but want to know more about Brynn Marie, she has this to say about her overall sound, “My music is very I-am-woman. It’s in-your-face, but it’s also inspirational music too. I have a song called ‘What If I Tried,’ and I really want anyone who hears it to follow their dreams and to dream big, because I feel like it’s just so important. And, that’s something I did; I took a risk. I moved from a small town all the way down to Nashville to follow my dreams, and here I am, touring the country, and playing my music. I just want to be inspiring, very inspiring, and very direct.” To hear “What If I Tried” and more of Brynn Marie’s music, find her on iTunes.