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Dear Sue by Sue Z. Maroon


Dear Sue,

I started a part-time job recently and it’s going well. I make enough that I don’t have to ask my parents for money, it fits well into my schedule and I like what I do. There are a few people I work with that are absolutely lazy. They’re always asking for help on super simple projects and if someone doesn’t tell them to do anything, they’ll just sit around. How do I deal with such lazy people?

-Motivated and aggravated


Dear Motivated,

The best thing to do would be to just ignore it. Focus more on what you’re doing than what they are. If you’re doing your job and being productive your bosses will notice and I’m sure your bosses will notice their laziness as well. If you bring it up to your boss and they find out you could end up becoming “that guy” who tells on people. And while you shouldn’t care what people think and they should be doing their job, if your coworkers become unhappy with you that could make your job harder.

Try to avoid them if at all possible. Take different shifts from them if you can. If they ask for help on a project they can handle themselves then politely tell them you’re already busy, or ask them if they can find someone else to help them.

If, and only if, it reaches a point where their lack of work interferes with your ability to do your job then you should bring it up to your boss. Try not to make a big deal about it, get heated, or seem like you’re out to get these people. Briefly mention your problem to them, and unless they ask, try not to mention anyone’s name specifically.

~Sue Z. Maroon