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Dearest Susan by Sue Z. Maroon


Dearest Susan,

When I came to college I expected to become close friends with my roommate and hall mates. I am very close with my roommate but the people down the hall and I have constant quarrels. They are always loud till wee hours of the morning and keep me wide awake. This sleeplessness is affecting my mood. There has been an altercation where derogatory terms have been used. I’m out of ways to fix the situation and am contemplating warfare. What do I do?

-Up All Night


Dear Up All Night,

This is one of the problems with living in a dorm. Everyone has different schedules of classes and has to be up at different times, and they’re not always respectful of other people’s schedule. They may just not realize that their behaviors are a nuisance. From what you’ve said though, this doesn’t seem to be the case. If bringing it up calmly hasn’t worked, fighting them about it may just make it worse. They may be vindictive and after fighting about the noise they make, instead of getting calmer, they get more rowdy.

At this point the best thing to do would be talking to your RA. They are the people with the most power on the floor; they’re pretty much there for exactly this reason. If your hall mates are up past quiet hours, talk to your RA, it’s their job to enforce simple hall rules like that. If your RA isn’t on duty, call one of the on-duty RAs (this should be posted on/ near your RA’s door) and they’ll come by to help.

Usually a stern talking to is enough to get people to shape up, especially if it could result in problems for them. Now if they persist past that then the area coordinator could get involved, and it may result in them getting written up. No one wants to get written up, so if they know the consequences of their actions then hopefully they’ll reign in their rude behavior.

~Sue Z. Maroon