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The New Art Club by Rachel Miles


Rachel Miles

The New Art Club

On the Monday before Fall Break, the group of people who had previously been meeting to create art together went to SGA and presented their case to become recognized as an official club.

Members proposed that the soon to be club would grow in numbers, skill and interest. Their argument discussed how becoming a club would be an asset to the rest of the school through placing art around campus, volunteering to do art for the school newspaper and creating events open to the rest of the student body. After giving their statements, SGA discussed and officially granted them permission to be recognized as a club.

However, the first meeting of the new club had already taken place before they were recognized officially. A club emblem had already been voted on and plans for future events, including putting up a wall in order to create graffiti art, having a paint fight that would end in club T-shirts, and traveling to performances in all of the areas of the arts, had been made.

The last meeting, before the club was official, the members gathered in Olin and put their abilities to good use. The hour meeting was spent drawing out coloring pages for children. Turtles, dinosaurs, cartoons and flowers were drawn and placed in a neat stack on the table, ready to be copied and distributed.

The art club aims to be more than just a group of people passionate about their art. Instead, they want to be a club that embraces and uplifts art in all forms- drawing, painting, photography, theater and dance. They also seek to use their skills to better things around campus and the community. Their desire is illustrated in the meeting and plans they have made and already begun to execute. Art Club meets on alternating Mondays and Thursdays in Olin Hall.