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How to Prepare for President’s Ball, Gatsby Style by Meagan Cole


How to Prepare for President’s Ball, Gatsby Style

Meagan Cole

One of the biggest motion picture releases within the last year was The Great Gatsby. The much anticipated film made a killing, striking the hearts of every literary fanatic in the world and then some. Like so many fans swooning over F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel turned Hollywood, Roanoke College is equally entranced. So much so that the sixth annual President’s Ball is Great Gatsby themed.

To prepare for the campus’s stunning return to the roaring 20’s, CAB will be showing the movie on Saturday, November 2 at 7:30 in Wortmann Ballroom. However, film is not the only industry attempting to recapture the time. With President’s Ball, fashion is an obvious factor to consider, and today’s formal clothing is seriously taking Gatsby’s style to a whole new level.

The big thing to remember about the 1920’s is how the people began to experience life differently. Coming out of the Great Depression, society thrived on being modern and independent. Fashion slowly revolutionized with loose fitting clothes, shorter hemlines, and provocative colors. Now, everyone knows about the flapper dress and bob combo, but the turn of the tides did not mean anything became less classy, which is where present day comes in.

Ladies, we all know what’s available and affordable in terms of gowns isn’t always the breathtaking image we want to achieve. Tulle ballerina-like dresses with hemlines high enough to leave nothing to the imagination are apparently in style. Cut outs revealing plunging necklines and love handles are also a thing, but none are truly appropriate if we want to live in the 20’s for a night.

The dresses that are coming back into fashion thanks to The Great Gatsby trend are flashy but flattering. Sequins and beads in ornate designs, especially against contrasting hues make a bold statement. Whether it’s long or short, formal or semi-formal doesn’t matter. Just remember that there is a limit when classy becomes trashy with hemlines. Couple the right kind of gown with a natural smoky eye and a long string of pearls, and no one will be able to take their eyes off of the Roanoke College ladies, even as we teeter about in our stilettoes.
Nice try, gentlemen, but the right suit cut can make a difference between being hot or not when it comes to elegant 20’s attire too. If a tuxedo is readily available, go for it. There’s no such thing as being overdressed to an event like President’s Ball. In fact, the ladies will be impressed. A light three-piece suit gives the same affect with a waistcoat, double breasted jacket, and straight cut trousers. A clean shave, or at least trim, is handsome as well, and don’t forget that slick hair was in as well. Whatever you do, don’t show up in a navy jacket, khaki dress pants, and yellow tie; that’s so eighth grade.

If there’s anything Roanoke College is sure to get right as we imitate The Great Gatsby, we will never forget the fun. President’s Ball is Saturday, November 9th across all three floors of the Colket Center from 8 PM until midnight. Be sure to RSVP ahead of time, including guests, at prezball@roanoke.edu.