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New Governor: McAuliffe


Rachel Miles

Virginia Elections

Tuesday, November 5th was Election Day, and Virginia voters took the opportunity to weigh in on some major issues, as well as put in their vote for the next governor. Roanoke city schools, as well as many others, were closed for Election Day, and many restaurants also celebrated the holiday by offering discounts and even giveaways for the voters.

The polls were open until 7 pm, and across the state, citizens were finding time to go and vote for what they found important. Most counties reported thirty to fifty percent of voters coming out to the polls throughout the day. The two candidates, Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli spent the day stopping at various points around the state in order to rally support from voters. McAuliffe was the Democratic candidate for governor, while Ken Cuccinelli was representing the Republican Party. Throughout the day, preliminary polls were showing McAuliffe to have the lead in the election.

In the end, the Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe was elected the next governor of Virginia. He pledged to expand Medicaid and provide healthcare for thousands more than currently had it, and he stated that his opponent would turn back years of progress. He made many ambitious statements during his campaign process, including stating to improve transportation, protect the right to abortion, promote green technology, and keep Virginia welcoming to all sexual orientations. The state is waiting to see how he will accomplish all these goals when his term begins.

In other election news, Roanoke city elected their new sheriff, Tim Allen. Allen won the race by almost one thousand votes, and he promises that the sheriff’s office will be taking on a more progressive attitude with him as sheriff. Overall, November 5th was a big day for Roanoke, as well as for Virginia.