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New Hall Fire Drills


Rachel Miles

New Hall Fire drills

Since the beginning of the school year, New Hall has experienced a total of six fire drills, and if not drills, at least six incidents in which the fire alarms went off. Drills, popcorn, incorrect cooking of sausages, easy mac and countless bags of popcorn have been the causes of hundreds of students rolling out of bed from anywhere between eleven in the morning and one a.m. Students are expected to file outside and make their way to the bottom of the hill outside of Cavern and watch as the fire trucks drive in, lights flashing, and unload firemen to enter the building. Students complain as the firemen scope out all the rooms and pods and give the okay to head back inside. Often upon reentering the building, the cause of the alarm is made obvious by the smell of burnt food, and the culprit ducks their head to hide from the sleep deprived college students searching for them.

Each fire drill has caused some kind of disruption. Shoes, jackets, even general clothing in favor of towels in some situations are left behind in order to exit the building quickly. The second fire drill hit my pod especially hard, as the day before we had acquired a pod pet- a praying mantis named Sparky that we kept in our common room with grass and sticks as a bed. After filing out, one of the guys yells out that we left Sparky in the pod! He then proceeded to brave the nonexistent fire to run back in past the unloading firemen to save our praying mantis pet from the flames. Luckily, there was no real fire and the student and pet came out safely to the field under the Maroon bushes. We can only wait in expectation for what will come with the next New Hall fire drill.