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Roanoke Rising: Cregger Center Plans


Meagan Cole

Since the beginning of the Roanoke Rising campaign in April 2013, a lot of talk has been generated throughout the Roanoke College community about erecting the campus’s two latest buildings. The first, the Cregger Center, is an all-new sports center that will house a gymnasium, fitness area, and one of the largest indoor tracks a college has to offer. The next project will upgrade the Science Complex, both Trexler and Life Science, some years later. The latest hum of excitement came on November 5 when President Maxey released an official video to discuss the future of both projects.

The video chose to highlight Roanoke College’s most recent developments, such as Lucas and New Halls, to first recap how much the campus has grown in the past decade. In fact, some current students still remember when the Market Street Complex was the latest and greatest, which opened for the 2009 fall semester. Since then, Lucas was the chosen academic building to be refurbished with an entirely “green” mentality. Lucas is home to the foreign language department and is LEED certified, meaning the building conserves energy and saves the environment. New Hall, on the other hand, is much more luxurious. It’s even been given the nickname “the Hotel” by students who live within the dorm.

All of these accomplishments have moved the campus forward in regards to college standings, but the Cregger Center and Science Complex intend to put Roanoke College prominently on the map. Bowman Hall is seeing its last residents this school year and will be torn down to make way for the Cregger Center. Not only will the Cregger Center give birth to an improved athletics department nearby the soccer and lacrosse field, but additional dining and academic areas will go into its construction as well. The current timeline suggests that the Cregger Center will be opened for the start of the 2015-2016 school year.

While the Science Complex is currently in an anticipated project without specific years tying it down, President Maxey touches on how the science departments have received recent renovations within the video. The green house, laboratories, and state-of-the-art equipment have really stood out, expanding the students’ horizons in ways very few undergraduate schools can offer. And, when the Science Complex is completed, the facilities will be seen in an impressive, modern light.

President Maxey concludes the video by reminding its viewers that none of this could be possible without the generosity of the campus community’s donors. Every building is a tribute, a literal monument to those whose names are on each placard, and their continual support is how Roanoke College stands above the rest. To become a part of the giving family, be sure to check out the Roanoke Rising campaign in more detail.