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Black Friday Stores and Their Deals


The sales are out! Black Friday is fast approaching this year and with all the crunch time creeping up at the end of the semester, one finds herself at a loss when it comes to researching the best deals for Black Friday, or, let’s face it, the best items on sale to ask for.

As always, the big retailer chains are extending hours into the wee-morning, and listing deals as big as ever. Popular items from stores such as Target, Best Buy, and Walmart are offered as 30% discount or more. Most of the deals this year seem to circulate around electronics such as laptops, tablets, HDTV’s, and more. Digging through ads is a pain, so here are the top 5 stores to visit with their best sales.


Target, one of the biggest retailers, is holding the best deals on electronics this year. At roughly a 62% discount, Target is offering the “Element 50″ LED HDTV” for $229.00 from the regular price of $599.99. However, the same TV is available at Wal-Mart, which also offers a smaller-sized “Element 40″” for a significantly smaller amount of $178.  To go with TV sales, Target is also putting a “Sony Wifi Blu-ray Player” on a Black Friday deal of $55.00 from $105.00.

Also offered from Target is the great deal of a “Nikon L320 Digital Camera” for a price of $99.00 from a regular price of $229.00. The Nikon camera is a tempting buy as it is capable of HD movies, 26x optical zoom, and many more automatic features.


Who doesn’t like to spend a little, or a lot, or time in Wal-Mart? In the past, this store has experienced violent Black Friday openings due to crowds rushing to get their deals, and with their sales this year it doesn’t look like things will change. Wal-Mart’s biggest deal this year is on the Xbox 360 console. The Black Friday price is $99.00 marked down from $179.00. However, buyers should note that the Xbox one released Friday November, 22nd, so this should be a very fast-selling item.


A popular electronic used in colleges and schools across the nation has become a tablet good for typing or reading. This year Staples offers one of the better Black Friday deals. The new “Kindle Fire 7″ HD Tablet” is placed at $79.00 on Black Friday from its regular sale price of $169.00. The market for tablets this Black Friday is extremely competitive as they seem to be on everyone’s wish-list this year; however, Staples’ discount offer of more than 50% off will be hard to beat.

Best –Buy

Lower on the list of best deals this season is Best-Buy. Normally the place to go for electronics, it may not be for Black Friday. Best Buy is offering the same “7 “Kindle Fire HD Tablet” as Staples for a price of $99.99.  However, they will be offering the ” iPad 2 wifi tablet” to a lowered price of $299.99. And a “4GB SanDisk memory card” will be available for only $0.99.



Outside of electronics, other big retailers have great sales for clothing, appliances, and more. Macy’s sales this Black Friday may be the best yet. For all you going on a May term who might need luggage, Macy’s is advertising the five-piece “Tag Fairfield” luggage set for a low price of $49.99. Macy’s is also offering 40% off all blenders, and any appliances from “Bella,” “Black & Decker,” and “Westinghouse” will be $9.99.

Happy Shopping!