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Liberty Shooting Investigation


On Tuesday, November 19th at four a.m. at Liberty University, a student was killed by a campus police officer after attacking him with a hammer in the lobby of an off-campus girl’s dormitory. The student was identified as Josh Hathaway, a nineteen year old freshman from Texas. He was talking to a campus security officer about his missing car when Hathaway pulled a hammer out and started attacking the officer.

The officer fired two shots in self-defense, one of which killed the student. The investigation is still ongoing, and the confusion surrounding the event still mystifies those looking into it. The student’s car was found in a nearby lot, and the scene of the confrontation was just inside of a female dorm that, according to the regulations of the school, the student was not allowed to be in in the first place.

Liberty University is the largest Evangelical school, and this violence was a shock for the college who is going to hold a service to help the students deal with the loss and trauma. The roommate of the student told the authorities that he had been having financial and school related difficulties recently, and had been acting stranger than usual.

Hathaway had been at the top of his class in high school and was at Liberty on a full scholarship. The officer involved has been temporarily suspended during the investigation, and everyone involved is hoping that answers will soon begin to surface and make sense out of the bewilderment surrounding the event.