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R-Glow Preview: The Action


Second only to Bingo, R-Glow is the most anticipated CAB event of the year by the Roanoke College campus community. Every year, attendance has increased, with a projected percent of over a quarter of the student body making an appearance. Why does R-Glow stand out above the rest?

In previous years, R-Glow has hosted multiple DJ’s who performed an array of electronic music and remixed popular tunes. R-Glow is also the only event on campus that closely mimics a rave, known for its extensive lighting effects, vibrant colors, and casual attire. Even various forms of glow sticks and glow related jewelry are handed out at the beginning for free. The traditions still hold true for the upcoming dance, once again being held in Alumni Gym, but this year’s R-Glow is new and improved.

Students are highly enthusiastic about seeing the latest technical innovations and decorations. “Most of the lights, from what I understand, are from the DJ, and he has a bunch of lights. But, we’re also doing a lot of décor stuff this time.” Tech Crew Manager and junior theatre and biology double-major, Rachael Karns elaborates on what they have planned this year, “We don’t really incorporate too many of our lights. An outside DJ through an entertainment company brings his own lights, but we are bringing in Lee Hartman and Sons who also worked on the [Brynn Marie] concert. CAB has purchased individual lasers, five tresses for set up in Alumni full of lights, and potentially hazers.”

CAB has set up its own preview in the Atrium throughout the week in preparation for the event. The music has electrified the Colket Center early to get students fired up, and a projector showed R-Glow related videos too. Don’t miss out on the action this Saturday, November 23, 10 PM-1 AM.