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R-Glow Protest: The Controversy


R-Glow is an event that stands out in more ways than one. While excitement grows for many, a small rumble of resistance is also being heard from the student public for the first time. The tale of R-Glow’s origins is one of satisfaction for some and desolation for others, and the word has gotten out.

Pierce Golden, a Senior known as DJ Pierce, posted an enlightening Facebook status less than a week before R-Glow’s third opening. He claims within the status, “I made it clear that my role in CAB would be limited specifically to R-GLOW only, and that I would not be an ‘employee’ anymore, but rather a contractor. [CAB and I] came to an agreement that I would work in partnership with CAB, and that I would ‘train’ one of their employees on everything that goes into putting on R-GLOW—that way once I graduate, they could continue the tradition. Not more than three days after the meeting did I receive an e-mail saying something to the effect of ‘most of the planning for R-GLOW has already been completed,’ and that ‘you may apply to be the DJ and CAB will then consider your application…'” The precursor of the status paints how R-Glow came to be, with the help of Pierce, and ends with his involvement entirely removed.

By releasing this social media commentary, a group of students are now sharing the status through Facebook, choosing to protest R-Glow rather than attend. However, Pierce does mention within his status, “CAB, however, would have you believe that I am not included in this year’s R-GLOW for entirely different reasons.” Those reasons contradict many of the particulars he gives within his status, specifically regarding his employment with CAB and contributions to R-Glow.

Rachael Karns, a Junior theatre and biology double-major and Tech Crew Manager, says, “[Pierce] helped form the event while he was on CAB, and when he left, CAB kept the event, and chose not to continue with him as the DJ.” The nature of his departure from CAB is questionable. Therein, R-Glow appears to be an event picked up solely for the benefit of the students, not a slight towards Pierce.

The protest stands on shaky foundations, but both Pierce and CAB have chosen to release only these comments regarding the sudden disinterest in R-Glow. Pierce says, “The status that I posted a few days ago was by no means a call to ‘protest.’ Rather it was a means for me to voice my concerns and share my negative experience with fellow students. Many people have seen my post and have decided, independently, that they will not support R-GLOW this year.” Kristen Pearson, CAB’s advisor, says, “R-Glow is an exciting event that I hope you and all others come out to.” Decide accordingly.