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Dear Sue


Dear Sue,

EXAMS! Basically sums up how I feel. I’m incredibly stressed about next week. Luckily all of my exams are on different days but they’re at randomly different times, some in the morning some in the afternoon. I just keep thinking it’s almost over, except for the twelve hours of exams I need to take. It’s not a sprint towards break, that’s a marathon away. How do I adjust to the schedule of exam week and how do I focus until the finish?


Anxious and Stressed


Dear Stressed,

It’s good you understand that finals week isn’t just a sprint until you go home, it truly is a marathon. Many teachers will say if you start studying the weekend before then you’re already way behind. Sadly that is true, but don’t let that idea add to the stress. Make sure when you’re studying, it’s meaningful studying. If you’re simply reading over your notes you won’t know if you actually understand your notes. It’s old advice but truly the best: quiz yourself on the material. Every few pages, ask yourself questions based on your notes and make sure you can confidently answer them. Pace out your studying into smaller time intervals so you don’t get bored with the material.

Don’t stay up super late the night before “cramming”. It will leave you tired the next day and you’ll wish you got more sleep. Honestly a good night’s sleep and breakfast is the best way to prepare your mind and body for exams. If there’s a reason everyone gives the same advice it’s because it works.

During finals week try to get your body used to the same routine. If you have a morning exam wake up every day at that time. That way on day’s you have a morning exam your body isn’t groggy because you’ve been sleeping in on days you have afternoon exams. It also forces you to get up and start working earlier if you don’t have a morning final that day and again that allows you to pace out your studying and hopefully you won’t feel too overwhelmed.

Good luck on finals,

Sue Z. Maroon