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R Glow Attendance Declines: Still A Success


Saturday November 23rd, the weekend before Thanksgiving break, R Glow took place in the Alumni Gym. At 10 pm, students began filtering into the gym. After entering, everyone made their way over to the table along the far wall. Hundreds of sunglasses, glow sticks and glowing lights were around for anyone to wave when the music came on. The DJ wa in the front of the gym and the music filled the large space, pounding a beat for the growing number of students to dance to.

Colors changed, lighting up everybody in hues of reds one minute, yellow the next, green, orange, blue and sometimes all of them together. Streamers also hung from the ceilings and star shaped lights that the school imported from Europe hung down over the dance floor. Laser lights pointed out from the DJ’s booth, reflecting off of the glow stick headbands that many of the participants had. The headbands were slipping from their heads as they danced and jumped to the music.

R Glow wavered from low attendance to high and even higher. However, due to the “R Glow protest”, the attendance was not as high as anticipated. There were many appealing factors to the night though. There was a photo booth near the entrance, the lights that students got were free to keep and there were a wide variety of refreshments. By the end of the night, attendance was high enough that all the lights and drinks had gone home with attending students. Many of the upperclassmen also spent their time in the Beer Garden which was open to of age students with an ID.

The night of R Glow also served as the night that Roanoke’s historic car was pushed down the stairs leading to New Hall. This event spurred an investigation by the college which was completed Wednesday, December 4. Despite this, the night of R Glow was eventful and an enjoyable evening for everyone who participated and attended the dance.