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Dear Sue: “Sober and Sane”


Dear Sue,

Last semester I was friends with a bunch of people who were really into drinking. I gave it the old college try but discovered it really wasn’t my thing (I’m sure my parents would be glad to hear that). I still like the people but not the drinking, and being the sober one at a party isn’t fun. How do I keep these friends but avoid the drinking?


Sober and Sane


Dear Sober,

A lot of people (your parents and doctor included) I’m sure are happy you’ve made that choice, but partying does seem to be a major highlight of the college experience that can be hard to avoid. I’m sure your friends will respect your decision, though it’s unlikely they’ll follow suit. A simple way to keep up with friends without partying with them is to simply hang out with them during non-partying hours. Do the same things you might normally do, but on school nights or in the middle of the afternoon.

If you don’t want to be around them when they’re drinking, hopefully just Friday and Saturday nights, you can hang out with other friends that don’t drink. You could also find something else on campus to do in the evening. The spring activities fair is this upcoming week – you can look for organizations that meet those nights and don’t drink. Of course you could always use those nights to catch up on homework.

I doubt you’ll lose your friends because you don’t like drinking though. So don’t worry too much about it.

Best wishes with your sober adventures,

Sue Z. Maroon