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Very early in the morning on Monday December 9th, the first day of exams, Roanoke College was struck with a series of unfortunate events. Many residents on campus, especially those working through the night in the library, noticed the internet go down late Sunday night and for most of early Monday morning. They were the lucky ones though; several dorms were affected by the strange circumstances, most notably Marion Hall. While there was no actual fire, there was smoke in the building and the residents had to evacuate. There were several fire trucks on Market Street that night; Life Science was also affected and it resulted in a small fire in the empty building.

Due to the inconvenience on the students and the bad weather, for most cars were still covered in ice, morning exams on Monday were delayed from 8 am to 10 am. Many teachers also delayed assignments that were due, knowing many of their students probably waited until the last minute to do them.

Late on Tuesday the 10th an email was sent out from Richard Smith, the Vice President and the Dean of the College. The school explained that these bizarre events were caused by a squirrel triggering a transformer to blow that provided power to the school. He also thanks, as we all should, the Salem Fire Department and our own campus safety and maintenance staff for responding to these hectic events in one of the busiest times on campus.

Of course, students also took the opportunity to play on the Roanoke Rising campaign to lighten the situation. Early Monday morning #roanokefalling was trending on the popular social media website Twitter. Here are some of our favorite tweets:

Kayleigh Murphy ‏@kaymurph95

Some like it hot, some like it cold, Roanoke likes it on fire #roanokefalling #roanokeapocalypse

Madison Kunstman ‏@madisonkunstman

#roanokemeltdown #roanokefalling #roanokeapocalypse what happened last night? Revenge of the rc electric car? Come on Ronney give us a break

*Alex Nail ‏@alexn2016

The sound of a fire truck in the distance. Rooney has struck again. #roanokefalling

*Tommy Jackson ‏@tommyjackson99

Let’s play a game where the power goes out and the internet doesn’t work and we see who can make the funniest #roanokefalling tweet

Adam Wojtysiak ‏@awojoxc

Congrats to @sheHANNAHgans49 on successfully commanding the #roanokefalling revolution, I heard she dueled Tom Turner to get us the delay

Alex Nail ‏@alexn2016

Morning exams moved to 10 am to allow time for investigations to occur involving President Maxey and Rooney. #roanokefalling

Hannah Bridges ‏@sheHANNAHgans49

I’ll get a call from father tomorrow concerning excessive data use. I’ll say that anything is worth bringing Rooney 2 justice.#roanokefalling

Garret Eldridge ‏@ge12eldr

Eye witnesses now stating Rooney not only pushed car down steps and blew up Marion but has help from Joker #whatanight #roanokefalling

*Megan ‏@Kraustastrophe

Market Street watches on with amusement as events unfold in district 12. We claim responsibility for the downfall of Marion #roanokefalling

Emma Graybill ‏@EmmaGBill

Now Playing: The Revenge of the Electric Car. Ten reasons why you shouldn’t push things down the New Hall stairs. #roanokefalling

Logan Brown ‏@lo_brown363

Can’t wait for the new episode of Things You Already Know with Tom Turner #roanokefalling

Bree ‏@bR33EZzY

Now that roanoke college has occupied all of Salem fire departments fire trucks #roanokefalling #roanokeapocalypse

*Julia Hola ‏@jh0llaaa

I’m convinced that all of this is happening because Voldemort has returned #roanokefalling #tothedarkside

Gabi Deucher ‏@Gabigail121

Pretty sure all of our tuition just goes to pay the fire department.. #roanokefalling

Darragh Patten ‏@darraghcaitlin

I’m really curious if fintel had been set on fire in uproar yet. #roanokefalling