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Mobile Photo Sharing by Sarah Vogl


We all take thousands of pictures with our phones. Most of us don’t own dedicated cameras anymore, since the camera in your smartphone is adequate for the average user, and the ability to share a picture immediately to social networking sites is crucial.

A problem arises when you run out of space on your phone for all of your photos. If my observations are correct, most of the students on campus have iPhones. Apple, usually competent with mechanisms that are meant to integrate seamlessly into your user experience, has failed miserably with Photo Stream. Even though it’s meant to make saving your photos to the cloud completely effortless, it only saves the most recent 1000 photos for 30 days. If you like to archive all of your photos to look back on them months later, you have to either obsessively share every photo you take to Facebook or Twitter (please don’t) or get on iPhoto regularly to save them to your laptop. And last time I used it, iPhoto was kind of awful. Additionally, the Google+ auto backup for Android is frankly just kind of annoying, in my opinion. If this struggle sounds familiar to you, I have a solution.

I’ve used Dropbox for as long as I can remember. It uploads every picture I take automatically, and is available on my computer almost immediately. I’ve got 8 GB free space. There’s apps for iOS, Android, WP8, Windows and OSX. I prefer Dropbox because it doesn’t just back my photos up online, but also makes it easy for me to access them on my hard drive without navigating some other in-browser application.

My second solution is Loom, which has really, really pretty apps for iOS and Mac. It does the same thing, essentially, except it doesn’t automatically stick them on your hard drive like Dropbox, so if you like to have your photos on your physical drive, this is not the option for you. However, it organizes the photos for you by date and device from which they were uploaded. It stores 5 GB or about 2500 photos for free, and offers a few pricy premium options: 50 GB for $4/month or 250 GB for $10/month. Though if you really need 250 gigs of space exclusively for your personal smartphone photos, I think you should seek help… Just saying.