Roanoke Maroons Give Back at Red Cross Blood Drive by Emily Densmore


Freshman Marian Shaw and Senior Jake Sauber discuss what it means to them to give blood.

Freshman Marian Shaw and Senior Jake Sauber discuss what it means to them to give blood.

On Thursday, January 23, Roanoke College hosted a blood drive sponsored by the Red Cross in the Wortman Ballroom from 11 am – 4 pm. With a steady flow of volunteers and donors, it was exciting to see so many students giving to such a worthy cause.

One donor, freshman Marian Shaw, talked about why she chooses to donate to the Red Cross. Shaw said that her blood type is O-, which means she is a universal donor.

What’s even more rewarding for Shaw in donating blood is that type O- is used for infants who need blood transfusions. She said that it is amazing to know that she is giving back in such an incredible way.

I also had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Rudi Vogt who is a volunteer nurse with the Red Cross. When I asked what this organization means to him, Mr. Vogt said “The Red Cross serves the community very well by using the help of volunteers. Everyone’s covered right around the corner and the Red Cross is always there to help yesterday, today, and tomorrow.” Mr. Vogt who has volunteered with the Red Cross for over 30 years is proud to be a part of an organization that makes a difference each and every day whether by providing clothing, housing individuals and families, or saving lives through blood donations.

Finally I interviewed senior Jake Sauber who was volunteering by helping to run the blood drive that day. Sauber is in AED, the Health Care Honors Society here at Roanoke College, and although this was his first time volunteering in this role with the Red Cross, Sauber said that he has donated blood before and that it’s a great opportunity to give back and help people out.

It was great to see so many people donating and volunteering for the blood drive. Donating blood is one of the most rewarding experiences. The Red Cross is one of my favorite organizations to volunteer for, and knowing that I can contribute in helping to save lives is absolutely incredible.