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Hug A Jew Day


Monday February 3rd was Hug A Jew day on The Roanoke College Campus! This was an event put on by RC Hillel or the Foundation for Jewish Campus Life. This cultural organization has been present at all the activities fairs and is an open club to all those interested in increasing awareness and tolerance. RC Hillel puts on events throughout the semester such as the screening they did on Sig Davidson – Reflections on Jewish Roanoke on January 29th.

Hug A Jew Day was their next event, and was a campus wide success. Members of the club waited outside of Commons at a table ready to be hugged. They had set up on the table a game titled, “Who Would JEW choose?” and a long line of containers with pictures of famous Jewish people on them. Many of the Jews displayed were a surprise. When I told that to Cameron Skinner who was currently running the booth, she told me that that was the point, to raise awareness and tolerance and to show the success of those in other cultures.

Some of the celebrities to vote for were Natalie Portman, Jon Stewart, Drake, Paul Rudd, Bar Refaeli, Mila Kunis, Scarlett Johansson, Adam Lambert, Alyson Hannigan and Benny Feilhaber. Everyone who came by could put a ticket in the box of whichever celebrity they chose and walk away with a Hershey’s kiss. Today the winners were announced, and third place went to a tie between Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, second place went to Paul Rudd, and first place went to Scarlett Johansson! The competition is set to take place again next year, as well as other events from The RC Hillel Club between now and then.