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Superbowl Party in Cavern

Students gather in Cavern to watch the Superbowl
Students gather in Cavern to watch the Superbowl

On Sunday, February 2nd students and sports enthusiasts gathered in Cavern at 6:30 to watch the 48th annual Superbowl at the Superbowl Party hosted by the campus Intervarsity group. This year marks the 4th year that Intervarsity has held this event, and this year’s party was led by Rachel Glick who stated that she feels the event is, “A super cool way for Intervarsity to connect with the campus and get involved in a way that allows for everyone to have a good time and enjoy a night of free food and football.” A raffle was also offered with Two Kindle Fires given as prizes at halftime and after the game. The Superbowl itself placed the winners of the NFC Championship; Seattle Seahawks against the AFC Champions; the Denver Broncos in what everyone expected to be a thrilling game.

The game took place at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey and began with Renée Fleming singing the National Anthem. Seattle then won the coin toss which began a series of wins for the Seahawks who led 8-0 by the end of the first quarter. Things didn’t improve for Denver as they suffered under the tight Seattle defense and were down 0 to 22 at the half.

In didn’t take long for Cavern to be packed, and the need to add extra seats was apparent with people sitting on the floor or standing. By 7:45, 141 students had been swiped through and people continued to roam in and out throughout the evening. The crowd dispersed however, leaving the area comfortably full of students with eyes fixed on the projected continuing football game that everyone had been waiting for.

Right before halftime, Zachary Wright of Intervarsity drew for the first raffle winner and awarded a Kindle Fire to one lucky young lady which kicked off the excitement for halftime. Bruno Mars gave a crowd-pleasing halftime performance as he played his drums and sang some of his top hits while accompanied at times by his jazz band. The Red Hot Chili Peppers also joined him on stage and added some rock to the pop singer’s performance. Bruno Mars’ entertaining show made halftime fly by and soon enough it was back to the game with everyone wondering if Russell Wilson could lead Seattle to victory or if Payton Manning could turn it around for Denver.

Denver finally scored in the third quarter, but the score remained heavily slanted with Seattle leading 36 to 8 at the end of the 3rd. Several fans for each respective team were in attendance at the Cavern party and showed their joy or sorrow at the plays quite openly. That being said, the majority of students didn’t align themselves with any team, but instead attended the event for various other reasons such as; hanging out with friends, watching the commercials, seeing the half-time show, for “The love of the game”, and the free food. Whether the sole purpose of attendance was for the food or not, everyone got the chance to feast on buffalo wings, mini mozzarella sticks, fresh veggies, chips and dip, three kinds of pizza from Frank’s Pizza and three dessert options.

As the 4th quarter quickly passed, the outcome became clear. The Seahawks scored again and with that, finished the game winning 43-8 as they ran to proudly raise the Vince Lombardi Trophy high for the first time. After the game, Rachel Glick said that the Superbowl party was, “A huge success!” which was clear from the attendance and atmosphere. I interviewed Curtis Dillon who stated that he was “definitely surprised by the outcome. I thought it would be close, but wasn’t expecting this.” Instead he expected Denver to have a “Close win and an overall better game.” Another Broncos fan attending the party was Griffin Pivarunas who was “sadly surprised” and thought, “The Broncos would definitely win by a landslide.” As the Denver fans sadly left the Cavern, the Seattle fans triumphantly went forth to share in the joy that the Seattle Seahawks won their first Superbowl title!