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Alpha Kappa Psi’s “What Not to Wear” Fashion Show


On Th2014-02-06 19.47.11ursday February 6th, Alpha Kappa Psi put on a “What Not to Wear” Fashion show in the ballroom of Colket Center. As the students were finding their seats, music was setting the mood for the fun and lively evening ahead. The host of the evening, Ashby McGarry, currently president of the business fraternity, was also the MC. She began by introducing each of the models as they came out for the first set representing their majors in clothes that could be worn on a generic day in their chosen career.

The models were Casey Miller, Cooper Tyree, Cynthia Bucannan, Ryan Glasscott, Jen Baker, Kevin Fagan, Sammi Toy, Lydia Cox, Laurel Morrison, Brendan Horgan, Chris Barnett, Alexa Germany, Alex Grant, Emily Parker, Chalalin Giron, JJ Johnson and Thomas Lux. They came out in lab coats or business attire, a historic costume complete with a white wig or sports wear.

The real fun began when they started with the next phase, “What Not to Wear to a Job Interview.” McGarry began by saying that everyone makes mistakes in a job interview – even preppy Roanoke students who should know better! The models strutted out in Hawaiian shirts, drug rugs, short skirts, plaid shorts and a baseball cap, sweatpants, pajamas, Uggs and shorts. Overall, she finished by telling the audience to button their shirts, try not to clash and to remember all the important pieces of clothing.

The participants had as much fun in this section as the students watching. Alex Grant, a psychology major said after the event, “I had so much fun participating in this event; it’s not every day that you get to embrace your nerdy side and sport an outrageous outfit in front of an audience!”

The next show complemented the previous by showing what should be worn in a job interview. Each model was also quizzed as they made their way down. Suits and bow ties came down the stage one at a time, giving the audience snippets of advice like “Confidence is key,” or “It’s all about the handshake.” The girls came out in skirt suits or dresses and blazers, advising the girls to keep it classy; keep your nails tame and your heels walkable. Everyone agreed to have nice shoes and believe in your ability to get the job.

After the fashion show, there was a break in which the judges convened to ascertain the winners of the night. In the end, first place went to Laurel Morrison who won a $200 blazer to wear to her future interviews, approved by the “What to Wear” section of the evening.