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Jesse Griffin: How to Eat and Live Local


eatlocalEat and live local was the theme of Jesse Griffin’s talk Monday in Colket. Jesse led us through his reasons why he eats locally grown foods, how he came to grow and create his own garden, where you can find where the food is brought from local farmers, and where you can buy local produce. Jesse Griffin has been gardening since he was a young boy and throughout high school; although he never enjoyed gardening back then, he does now, which anyone who looks at his home garden can tell. Jesse has set up his own garden at home, and when he is looking for something he doesn’t grow in his garden he buys locally produced foods.

There are plenty of accommodating places around Roanoke if you are looking to buy local. West End Community market is open Tuesday 3-6 pm, and the Grandon and Salem markets also sell locally grown produce. You can also visit Roanokevalleylocavore.com for more information on where you can buy local foods. Buying local, as Jesse points out, is the best way to get the money into the hands of the farmers. Markets are great for getting locally grown fruit, vegetables, and herbs, but in Jesse’s experience if you want local eggs, meat, and dairy you may need to go straight to the farm.

If you’re into local foods but don’t cook much, there are some restaurants around Roanoke where you can go to lunch or dinner that cook mainly with local foods. Local Roots Café advertises their use of local foods the most, while Blue Apron also emphasizes their use of local foods, and Lucky a French American style restaurant gets all their food locally as well.

To end his talk, Jesse also let us know of a great book for people interested growing their own food but don’t know where to start. You can pick up Backyard Homestead to help you learn how to grow all your own food. Jesse emphasized that this is the best to for beginners. So if you’re interested, pick it up at your local bookstore and start producing your own food.