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South Meets North: Music of Italy and Estonia


On February 23 at 3pm, Roanoke’s Oriana Singers, the all- women choir, will be featured in a concert at St. Andrew’s Catholic Church. The concert is called South Meets North: Music of Italy and Estonia, and will feature pieces by Vivaldi, Pärt, Tulev, and Kõrvits.

The Oriana Singers will be singing two pieces, and will be joined by the women from the Roanoke College Choir. Their pieces include “Der Herr Ist Mein Getreurer Hirt” and “Nűűd Ole Jeesus Kiidetud”. The women, led by conductor Jeffrey Sandborg, will be singing both songs in their original language. Sandborg is very excited for the concert and claims “Something special happens when women sing low”.

The ladies have worked extensively on their pieces since the start of the semester. “We’ve put a lot of time into learning the language, it’s not something we take lightly,” said one singer. The snow days have also cut down on their rehearsal time. “The last few weeks before the concert are crucial because that is when the pieces really start to come together and we start to make music. Everything solidifies,” she continued. The ladies are also excited to be returning to St. Andrew’s Catholic Church where the acoustics are much better suited to their performance than on-campus locations.

The concert will feature soprano soloist Marianne Sandborg, who is a vocal coach catering to many Roanoke students. Gordon Marsh, one of the music teachers at Roanoke, will be playing the piano at the concert. Also in attendance are Kelly Wheelbarger on the organ, Akemi Takayama on the violin, and a string orchestra.

Unlike previous concerts, there will be a limited number of seats. Only 400 tickets are being sold. Student tickets cost $12, and general admission tickets are $20. Tickets can be purchased online at roanoke.edu/tickets or by phone at (540) 375-2333 between 1 and 4pm during weekdays.