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Dear Sue: “Housing Worries”


Dear Sue,

I am really worried about not getting along with the people in my dorm next year. I like the people that I live with now and don’t really know how to adjust to new neighbors. Please help!

-Housing Worries


Dear Housing Worries,

The beginning of the year is the hardest time for many students’ social lives. Making new friends, trying to fit old friends into your schedule, and learning to get along with new dorm-mates are all part of the process! First of all, remember that they probably feel the same as you. Everyone’s excited and nervous to see who is going to live in their hall, and sometimes it can be a struggle to coexist when you don’t set up rules and boundaries. The good news is that in the beginning of the year, everyone has to set up housing agreements between themselves, their roommates, and their hall-mates. While that can take care of some problems, we all know that issues can still arise. I encourage you to not be shy about talking to people around you when there’s an issue that needs to be fixed.

One of the great things about living on such a small campus is that the friends you’ve made in your hall this year are never that far away! But make sure you introduce yourself to new people in the beginning of the semester. You never know, they could end up being some of your best friends!


Sue Z. Maroon