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Call of Duty Tournament by Xena Callaham


A Call of Duty tournament was held on Friday, March 14 in the lower level of the Colket Center, where the Game Room is located. The computer science club, RCSCACM, put the tournament on “Just to have something fun for people on campus to get together and have some fun.” (Allen Kirby ’14) And fun it was. There were drinks and pizza provided and prizes for the winners ($50 to first place and $25 to second place).

The tournament was comprised of three teams playing 2v2 Team Deathmatch on Call of Duty, Black Ops. The teams played “round robin” meaning that each team played all the other teams to determine the winners. The rounds were set up so that the first team to reach 2500 points in 15 minutes won.

Not everyone in the tournament was a long-time Call of Duty player, besides Ian McCoig ’16; however, he was “personally not too big on the series.” He owned each of the games since World at War and enjoyed playing for the zombie portion of the game.

There were two people on each team and when asked how that would be fair if one person was pulling on the weight and winning, John Guidry ’16 replied, “Somebody’s back’s got to hurt,” implying that there would be no hard feelings.

In the end, first place went to the team comprised of Guidry and yours truly (that’s right, a girl), Xena Callaham. We opted to split the $50 instead of playing 1v1 to get the whole thing because we enjoyed playing on a team so much.