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Anti-Uprising By Julie Stout


As students, we pay the school around forty thousand dollars a semester for an education. Yes, it is a great education, and Roanoke is a great school, but it is inappropriate to ask students for even more money. Many of us will be in debt for many years to pay off what we owe for going to this college. Any money we have should be going to paying off loans; you would think that would be recognized, since it is the responsible thing to do. Some students, like myself, do not have extra money just laying around our dorm. As we sit there, working on a paper, studying for a test, or crying because we do not know which one to start with, or if any of it is even worth it anyway, we get a knock at our room, which some people do not even have yet for next year, asking us for more money. I, personally, was guilt plagued by those who were given the unfortunate task to go door to door to bitter students. I had to say no, because I had no money or change. After saying no countless times, I eventually closed the door feeling bad for not having any additional money, on top of the forty thousand I paid for this year. Then I realized, why should I feel bad? I have no say in what the money they raise goes toward; if I were to oppose it, I would just have to deal with it. Why give money to a potential cause I may not even support? Not to mention, the timing could not be worse. Not only have I been overwhelmed by countless e-mails asking for money, which personally, makes me want to pull my hair out, but many students are worrying about money for next semester’s tuition. Not only that, but they came door to door just days after countless people were told they would not get a room until next year’s freshmen are placed, which is a sore subject for some. One thing we can count on, however, is that around this time every year, even after we graduate, dear old Roanoke will still reach out to us with phone calls, letters, and e-mails galore requesting a donation.