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Point Counter Point: Cregger Center


I really hope you didn’t sign up to live in Sections. Why? Because this summer, work begins on the Cregger Center, and it won’t stop until the building is ready to open, hopefully in Fall 2016. That means construction will be starting at around 8 in the morning for the next few years. For the residents of those dorms next to the Colket Center, I hope you’re a heavy sleeper.

Aside from early morning wake-up calls, what does the construction of the Cregger Center mean for current students?

It means that you will have to go out of your way to attend games at Kerr stadium. The entrance to the bleachers will be moved to the far side of the field by the outdoor track while the Cregger Center is being built.

It means that projects that would positively impact current students, such as the outdoor patio dining option for Commons, get pushed back. This is super frustrating, because lack of seating is a problem that students have every day. Have you ever been to Commons during a lunch rush? It’s insane. Yet, the new gym takes priority. Oh, and what is the school planning to do with Bast once the main gym and fitness center move to the Cregger Center? They don’t know. It has been suggested that Bast have group fitness rooms once the Cregger construction is finished, but nothing is certain.

It means saying goodbye to the ‘ruins’ aka those beautiful brick arches that make a statement when you first drive into the college, and the “maroons” bushes featured on the hill behind Cavern. The “maroons” bushes might be relocated eventually, but while construction is ongoing that whole hill and the field at the bottom will be covered in dirt. Okay, the ruins and the bushes are pretty useless – unless you count their aesthetic appeal and contribution to school spirit and identity. Speaking of which, to make up for the loss of the Bowman parking lot, a new parking lot will be made across from the entrance to the lower Olin parking lot, on the right side when you drive onto campus. The field of green grass and view of the mountains through the ruins will be destroyed. What kind of first impression are we building?

The Cregger Center will be over six times larger than Bast.  It will be a huge athletic facility, which will be the first thing anyone sees when they drive onto campus. As someone who enjoys being at a small school, I’m not thrilled that such a large building will be a focal point. Is the success of our athletic teams more important than our education? As a school that has more people studying the sciences than Health and Human Performance, why isn’t the science quad being renovated first? How “Classic” can we be if the first thing you see is a brand new building? Perhaps the Cregger Center will be a benefit “for Tomorrow,” but what about the current students? I am proud of the close-knit feel of the campus, but will that be overshadowed by the Cregger Center? I am concerned.