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Alumni Bingo


Last Friday, CAB hosted the final bingo of the year in Alumni Gym. This third bingo of the year was 90’s themed and featured candy such as Fundip, pixie sticks and candy bracelets as well as music throwbacks from the decade. Bingo was open for Alumni participants as well, who were allowed to play, but not win prizes.

Upon entering the gym, everyone was offered candy, snacks from Cavern, and drinks. Door prizes captured students’ attention as well as the “slap-bracelets” and “sticky-hands,” which were a big hit in the 90s. The music was loud and the lights were low and the tension was building even before the numbers began being read. Music from the nineties pumped up the crowd, which was buzzing with conversation throughout the entire night, creating background noise even when the music stopped and the numbers were called out. As soon as Bingo started, though, the rounds began moving quickly and called for focus, because each one had a different design for the board.

Some rounds called for participants to have the shape of an arrow on their boards, four corners, a box, a hashtag or an x.

The prizes were also varied, and they were called by Kody Rother and John Grisetti. Some prizes had bags and bags of candy or other snacks, while other prizes were themed such as the ‘Zombie themed’ bag which included a zombie T shirt that said “Don’t Git Bit,” a World War Z DVD, a zombie poster, a Nerf gun and themed snacks.

Some of the largest prizes came near the end and were items like a PS4, a Nikon camera, a Kindle Fire and an Apple iPod. There were enough prizes that many members of the audience got a chance to go up and collect a prize. Nineties night bingo lasted from nine until about 11 p.m with people filtering into the gym throughout the night. Overall, Bingo night was a success for CAB and for the students.