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Student Spotlight: Darlene Harris Puts on Spring Awakening


Darlene Harris, a Roanoke College senior, is directing a 30 minute excerpt from the hit Broadway musical, Spring Awakening, for her senior project, which will be performed in the Studio Theater at 4 on Saturday, April 19th.

Spring Awakening is about a group of teenagers who begin to explore their sexuality all while dealing with the problems teenagers face while coming into their own. “This is one of my favorite musicals because of its message,” Harris says. “Education is essential to the growth of an individual. When we don’t educate our children, or each other for that matter, we open up the doors to situations we don’t want to happen. What I love about this show is that it can apply to all ages.”

The cast includes: Bailey Howard (Wendla), Chris Davis (Melchior), Michael Watts (Moritz/Doctor), Nik Kuzmanoff (Herr Gabor/Schmidt), Brittany Starkey (Frau Bergman), Emma Kessler (Frau Gabor), Tamia Moore (Thea), Kaitlynne Brightwell (Anna), and Kimi Halverson (Martha)

The crew includes: Yerisbel Jimenez (Stage Manager), Madeline Hooker (Assistant Stage Manager), Shae Kleinschmidt (Props Master/Lighting Technician), and Ruth Trochim (Piano Accompanist)

Harris is attaining her Bachelor’s in Theater and a minor in Education. “I plan on doing theatre professionally, whether it be stage managing, technician, or actor,” Harris says. “I also want to open a non-profit afterschool arts program in Baltimore.” When asked what did she see herself doing 10 or 15 years from now, Harris said with a confident smile, “I see myself in New York and on Broadway.”

Spring Awakening will be performed April 19th at 4 pm in the Studio Theater, located in the basement of Olin, and is free to the Roanoke College community. It is recommended to arrive early since space is limited.