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Cregger Center in Progress!


Emily Geno

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The school year is starting strong and so is construction for the Cregger Center. Bowman Hall was fully demolished this July, and in its place construction crews have been working every day across from CAR and New Hall, preparing the ground for the new athletic center that should be completed for the 2016-2017 school year. Sophomore New Hall resident Stephanie Shields is enthusiastic about the center’s future. “I think that it will be a great asset for the campus once it’s completed, so even though right now we have to put up with a lot of construction, I think it’ll be worth it in the end.” Not everyone is excited about the center, however. Many CAR and New Hall residents have complained about the seemingly endless construction, and the gaping hole where Bowman used to be is an eyesore. President Michael Maxey responded to this by saying, “it is disruptive for people.  I only hope that we can remember that the sacrifices people are making will make something great happen here.  We will work to minimize inconveniences whenever we can.” Once students become acclimated to the construction, they will have a lot to look forward to; a new performance gym, 200-meter indoor track, fitness center, and more. The college hopes that the Cregger Center will bring students, faculty, and locals together, providing a better experience for all Roanoke College students.  President Maxey envisions Cregger as “[one of] the centerpieces of students’ experience here… Once it is completed the entire Roanoke community will enjoy using it, meeting in it, listening to lectures in it, watching athletics in it, going to class in it, and competing in it.  It will be a central part of campus.”